cute rocket

Buy, sell, and swap this on campus


Yeah, why Rocketswap?

Yep, there are a bunch of alternatives. People have been tackling the problem of unwanted textbooks since the beginning it seems

However, Rocketswap allows you to easily upload books and other stuff with a nifty app. Quickly search and sort through books that you need.

It's free. How many things are free nowadays? Not many. Rocketswap is :)

Oh, that's cool. Let me download it!

Check out this link

Can I talk to y'all?

Please do

Why isn't Rocketswap at my school?

We care for you here at Rocketswap. We truly do. We don't want you to be staring at a blank screen. When a certain number of people from each school request to join Rocketswap, we open Rocketswap to that school.

How do I request to join?

Just sign up as anyone would. If you're granted access, your school is already on Rocketswap! If not, we collect your email addresses and sell them to millionaire princes in all parts of the world. After that, once enough people from your school have signed up, we email you saying Rocketswap is available at your school!


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